Cyber Secure Internet of Things

Apr 14, 2016

2iC have completed a cyber security demonstration for the Centre for Defence Enterprise that successfully showed a novel cryptographic architecture solution to protect the IoT. Under a grant awarded called ‘Securing the IoT’, 2iC prototyped and manufactured software to provide a cryptographically secure end-to-end solution linking IoT microcontroller and microprocessor devices with Enterprise systems. The demonstration showed how it is possible to temporarily join IoT devices together for short or long term work, dynamically change the membership of the working devices, and change the data they exchange on-the-fly. This was all done cryptographically, with all data transfers encrypted and signed and interactions securely logged. The logs allow intrusions or misbehaviours in the environment to be detected and eliminated.

2iC are now actively seeking partners to exploit this innovative technology for the IoT market.

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