About Us

Simply Brilliant Technology, Brilliantly Simple Software

2iC’s business model is to continually innovate, utilising our expertise to deliver software that Systems Integrators and Equipment Manufacturers can quickly exploit and which directly addresses their core issues:

As requirements evolve and needs change we need to be able to adapt quickly and easily.
Anything that reduces the time it takes to get multiple pieces of software working together over radio links or low bandwidth networks is a must have.
Managing risk and the cost of software and systems integration is critical in high pressure situations.

Vision Statement

To be globally recognised as the most innovative software company for secure digital interoperability of field operations.

Our Guiding principles


Always act with honesty, integrity and pride


Always work as a team for a shared purpose


Add value, deliver quality and be realistic

Graham Booth

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Graham has over 20 years of software experience with large and small companies both in the UK and internationally, covering private and public sector, in domains as diverse as insurance, publishing and e-commerce through to education, health and defence. A mathematician by training, Graham was attracted to the innovation and challenge of software. Starting as a developer he has performed the full range of roles across the software development industry before starting 2iC.

Graham is the elected chair of the techUK Defence & Security SME Council which represents members to wider industry and government, including Ministers.

Nick Peach

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry Nick is a technology innovator, motivated by evolving and developing ideas into sound business and technical solutions. Nick has provided strategic thought leadership in defence having written many strategy white papers for the MOD and has contributed to the Generic Vehicle, Base and Soldier Defence Standards and technical working groups.

With on-going work into distributed systems, touching on current topics such as Internet of Things and Big Data, Nick continues to innovate with solutions for civil and other sectors.