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4Secure is a UK based company that delivers Cyber Security awareness, advice, training, hardware and software through an agile secure supply chain. For more than a decade our highly-qualified team have worked with organisations large and small to create secure systems from end to end. The European home of Owl Computing Data Diodes & Data Guards; next-gen Cyber Security cross domain transfer and perimeter defence for tactical, land and marine based operations.

Kopis Mobile

Kopis Mobile is a US-based company that designs and manufactures mobile apps and app-enabled electronics for the military, law enforcement, and private security markets. Kopis products connect smartphones and tablets to video, communications, and back office systems within tactical environments.


Luminact is an Australian based company that provides Project Management, Systems Engineering, and Commercial Contracts Consulting related services across the Defence, Critical Infrastructure, and Public Safety sectors in Australia. Luminact enables great people to do what they do best: innovate, and deliver results. Luminact’s diversity of skills, wealth of experience,as well as strong emphasis on relationships and people drives a culture of accountability, continuous improvement, and ensures quality outcomes for our clients.