Industrial Internet of Things

A fire service example is given below.


Existing IoT devices are deployed in silos. For example, the breathing apparatus sensor for air tank levels uses its own radio and protocol to communicate back to a single display board on the fire appliance. With the 2iC software, the following becomes possible:

  • Ensure all firefighters, appliances and HQ are on a common data link
  • Links up air tank pressure, battery power level, body temperature and pulse rate, location and other wearable technology
  • Enable a consolidated display of well-being, air pressure and location of each firefighter made available at appliance, at HQ and on local commander’s handheld display to vastly improve situational awareness
  • Optimise the rotation of staff and equipment for air tank replacements, battery replacements, stress indicators due to high body temperature and pulse etc
  • If a firefighter is incapacitated direct other firefighters to their location and digitally alert HQ and the ambulance service

As future devices and systems become available, such as small video drones, 2iC’s software enables the rapid adoption of these new capabilities and makes them, almost immediately, part of a coordinated incident management solution. Something that would traditionally be used in a new silo or take months/ years to be incorporated and at great cost.