Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) need to maximise the value of their products. As an OEM, the ability to utilise and reuse their products across a wider set of customers, sectors and environments drives greater sales.

An OEM needs to connect their core products to a multitude of other systems, devices and sensors, many of which they will not even know about. They also need to avoid the high cost of inventing and then supporting a proprietary data interface, which is rarely a core skill.

Using 2iC’s products enables connectivity of an OEM’s products to an infinite range of destinations with one simple, open interface. Using the 2iC products enables the business to focus on the things it does best while enabling open interoperability.

Using 2iC’s software reduces time to market, reduces cost, and enhances product marketability.  For example 2iC has enabled a manufacturer of wearable health vital signs monitoring equipment to connect to a wide variety of external systems in a few days, with ease.