2iC AT DSEI 2019 ON STAND N6-463

Aug 29, 2019

2iC AT DSEI 2019 ON STAND N6-463

2iC will once again be at DSEI this year working with partner 4Secure on stand N6-463 in the security zone.

2iC previously won the DSEI innovation Challenge Award, which seeks the innovation, not yet in service, most likely to make the biggest impact on defence and security. The winning 2iC innovation was the Tactical Cross Domain Solution which was invented to provide a solution for joining different digital trust domain that is very rapid to deploy, quick to update and modify subsequently, and suitable for tactical use, right at the network edge (including soldier wearable).

"The winners, 2iC, had solved a particularly difficult hardware and software integration problem in a novel, cost-effective and thoroughly researched manner", said Innovation Challenge judge Capt Gordon Graham RN - Dstl's Senior Military Adviser. "They even had the foresight to involve the regulatory authorities at an early stage". The high-profile panel also included Ms Heather Goldstraw, Head of Technology Delivery (MoD Defence Equipment & Support and a member of the Dstl Executive team), and Dr Alvin Wilby, an industry representative on the joint MoD/Research and Development Group and Chair of the Research and Development Council at the UK technology industry trade body Intellect.

Since the award 2iC has worked with a number of customers and 4Secure to progress a small form factor tactical "guard" to address a range of needs, including:

  • Internal vehicle Cross-Domain - Allow interoperation between networks of different classification on a combat vehicle. For example, OS GVA network and S C2 network.
  • Dismounted soldier to patrol vehicle (and beyond) - Allow dismounted troops to directly interact with higher classification systems, e.g. OS BFT or CASEVAC messages to interact with S C2 systems.
  • Coalition coordination - Sharing of Common Operating Picture and tracks between C2 Systems with non-traditional partners – e.g. UK and Iranian warships on counter piracy operations.
  • Untrusted Drone – Integration of an untrusted COTS drone into the military network. For example show the location and imagery from a DJI drone on the secure dismounted users' device.
  • IoT Integration - With a growing number of "cheap" off the shelf IoT sensors and devices customers want to integrate these devices into military networks (trust the data not the sensor).
  • Humanitarian Operations - On humanitarian operations there could be a large number of people to share data within a local area – such as NGOs, local police etc. The information sharing will change rapidly as the operation develops.

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