2iC/Collaborate® delivers flexible Assured Interoperability across networks in different trust domains allowing organisations to securely work together.

Typically 2iC/ Collaborate customers:

  • Need to flexibly integrate systems across networks with different security classification or different owners
  • Need to reduce equipment and/or duplicated systems in different domains to lower complexity and cost
  • Need to integrate with systems that have restricted access, such as those with export restrictions or higher security classification

Key Benefits

2iC/Collaborate delivers 2iC’s award-winning tactical cross domain reference architecture. It delivers Assured Interoperability between systems and networks; it is the missing piece needed to ensure the flexible coordination and two-way free-flow of data between different trust domains. These may be defined by different security classifications, safety critical boundaries, departmental or national boundaries or perhaps technical boundaries where, for example, there is a need to separate equipment.


2iC/Collaborate is available as a standard package containing all the 2iC software required as licences with support to implement a flexible and secure cross domain solution when combined with 3rd party content checkers and flow control software/hardware (e.g. data diodes).