2iC/Connect® provides a comprehensive set of tools to allow developers to quickly connect diverse systems and devices using an open architecture.

Typically 2iC/Connect customers:

  • Need to connect their core products to a multitude of other systems, devices and sensors; many of which they will not even know about
  • Need to avoid the high cost of inventing and then supporting proprietary data interfaces
  • Need to quickly adopt an Open Systems Architecture
  • Need to quickly and flexibly connect systems and devices from different vendors usually using many different interfaces and protocols
  • Need to evolve to a modular open architecture

Key Benefits

2iC/Connect delivers a set of tools to allow developers to quickly build modular, open and interoperable systems while protecting their intellectual property (IP).

With 2iC/Connect customers retain all IP with unrestricted freedom to use any software they develop using the tools.

2iC customers save time and avoid needing to build the expertise around Lean Services and Open Architectures while gaining the full benefit. They deliver open Lean Services Architecture compliant systems in just hours and not weeks.


2iC/Connect is available as a standard package containing the Lean Services Software Development Kit (SDK) with support for multiple languages (Java,  C++(Windows & Linux), Android & Microcontrollers) along with full documentation. 

Also included are sample Lean Services applications and their source code (including GPS location, map display, interactive user interface, camera, file handling and more) to enable rapid progress with Lean Services.