2iC/Construct® allows non-technical users to visually design and manage the coordination between systems to achieve significant business improvements and simultaneously manage the complexity of a distributed environment.

Typically 2iC/ Construct customers:

  • Need to easily manage their services definitions and their version history in an increasingly complex open systems environment
  • Need graphical tools to engage their customers to rapidly re-configure systems to meet the customer’s evolving needs            
  • Need to engage end-users in a meaningful way to increase value and scope
  • Need to avoid wasted cost and time of building the wrong system
  • Need to visualise the whole system of systems to see patterns and understand complexity to avoid confusion and missed opportunities

Key Benefits

The Repository is a visual tool accessed using a browser and enables multiple users to manage a catalogue of Lean Services and view, add and edit Lean Service Definitions. Furthermore, they can manage versions and share with selected other users.

The DOP Designer is an extension to the Repository that allows users to graphically create, view and edit Decentralised Operating Procedures (DOP) to provide rapidly reconfigurable business process to orchestrated services that can be quickly understood by a non-technical business person. The designer can view the full DOP details such as Lean Service calls made, process flow and data mappings. The tool controls the access to manage DOP versions and downloads deployable DOP packages ready for deployment using the DOP Runtime.


There are three options for buying 2iC/Construct: Cloud, Enterprise and Standalone.        

  • The Cloud version is available on a secure 2iC hosted platform available with a monthly fee per user which includes technical support  
  • The Enterprise version allows an organisation to host on their own servers available as software licences with support
  • Standalone is a single user version for use on laptop or desktop and is available as software licences with support