2iC/Control® controls and manages connected systems, sensors and devices while delivering significant business value by coordinating across nodes with rapidly re-configurable business processes.

Typically 2iC/Control customers:

  • Need to modularise their product offerings to enable them to rapidly reconfigure their offering to meet different and changing customer needs
  • Need predictable delivery dates, development and support costs
  • Find that existing middleware simply doesn’t work in lean field environments and leaves them with no choice other than to develop rigid and expensive custom code to control and coordinate system interaction
  • Need tools to quickly understand system behaviour and diagnose issues in complex environments

Key Benefits

Out of the box fine grained controls, management and logging for the flow of information between systems, sensors, devices and nodes.

Delivers significant business value by coordinating systems across nodes with rapidly reconfigurable business procedures.

Provides extensible platform architecture to future-proof technology investment.


There are two options for buying 2iC/Control: Standard and Restricted, each available as software licences with support.

  • The Standard version provides the core node software along with productivity toolset and support
    • The 2iC Lean Services Node is a low-footprint software component available for Windows, Linux and Android. It provides the required Service Registry for a Lean Services Architecture implementation and manages Lean Services availability. It provides the functionality for event handling, log management and a script engine.
    • The 2iC Lean Services Gateway enables communication between deployed nodes and has been proven to be compatible with moving data between platforms using in-service UK military tactical radios. It has an open pluggable transport architecture allowing custom protocols to be easily developed and used.
    • The DOP Runtime executes Decentralised Operating Procedures (DOP) and provides a business-oriented coordination and orchestration layer on and between Lean Service Nodes. It also enables DOP deployment and configuration through Lean Services.
    • The Productivity Toolset delivers a Component manager to manage the running of any 2iC component and any system developed using SDK; the Group manager is used to organise members into re-usable individual nodes or groups of nodes; the GUI management console for Lean Service Node, Lean Service Gateway and DOP Runtime.
    • Enterprise support adds escrow for the core node source code and unrestricted access to the source code for productivity toolset
  • The Restricted version is the same as the Standard product but restricted to use for testing, development and demonstration (which must reference 2iC)