In addition to the software 2iC offers consultancy and training to support customers and partners as they develop the necessary skills to be fully self-sufficient using 2iC’s software.

Typically 2iC Services & Training customers:

  • Have challenging timeframes and need extra expertise to further accelerate their learning
  • Have often heard of the Lean Services Architecture, but need some help to make quick progress
  • Need to work with Innovative SME’s but struggle to find and engage with suitable companies

Key Benefits

2iC offers two training packages; the first is an introduction to Lean Services & Decentralised Operating Procedures and the second is a hands-on software development session. Customised training and consultancy is also available.


The Introduction to Lean Services & Decentralised Operating Procedures introduces the students to the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Lean Services Architecture. This is followed by guidance on designing Lean Services and, specifically, what a 'good' and 'bad' Lean Service looks like. This interactive session takes up to 3 hours and has no limit on the number of students; however, a smaller group would allow greater interaction.

The hands-on Lean Services Development follows on from the Introduction and involves a hands-on development session with a 2iC software developer working side-by-side with up to 2 customer software developers. By the end of the session the students will have built and tested a Java Lean Service Adaptor using the 2iC Software Development Kit (SDK). They will have used the supporting 2iC software and information available through the 2iC/Connect product to deploy a 2 node Lean Service System. This training takes up to 5 hours with a limit of two students.