Emergency Services

2iC was one of the founding partners in Bluelightworks. Bluelightworks is funded by the Home Office to support public safety, criminal justice and blue light organisations when they make strategic decisions about their processes and procurement.

Improved interoperability and data integration of the various low powered devices used by the police forces and emergency services can significantly reduce costs and increase capabilities whilst improving public services and the welfare of front-line staff.

It’s anticipated that, by 2019, every UK police officer will be wearing low-powered, microcontroller-based monitoring and communication devices that will need to be tightly integrated with command systems via secure mobile data solutions. 2iC recently completed an InnovateUK funded Proof-of-Concept (PoC) that demonstrated open and flexible integration of microcontrollers within a secure Services Orientated Architecture (SOA). This PoC could not only facilitate adoption of the Home Office’s Digital Policing Vision but also has a potentially wider application across multiple markets including other emergency services, telehealth, energy, transport and consumer (Internet of Things) sectors.