Equipment Manufacturers

Modern product manufacturers need to be able to integrate with a large variety of other systems which they may be unfamiliar with. Furthermore, to maximise sales they often need to ship a core product that can be quickly reconfigured in local markets based on changing customer requirements. To achieve this they need to develop, publish and maintain full product interfaces which are rarely core to their business. They also need to make their products modular, often with non-core applications (such as a user interface). 

2iC offers improved data sharing, configurable behaviour and enhanced interoperability with other systems at lower risk and with rapid implementation while avoiding unnecessary custom software development. This saves the manufacturers time and money. 

Industrial IoT

Of particular interest is the growing area under the umbrella of ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Machine to Machine (M2M)’ and ‘Smart Places’. Commentators estimate 20 billion such devices connected to the Internet by 2015 and growing rapidly. Within this there are currently 2 billion industrial IoT devices and by 2020 there will be 7 billion+. The 2iC software can provide the missing digital connectivity and coordination between many of these devices.